Yokota Air Force Base
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Yokota AFB, Japan


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Yokota Air Force Base

Yokota is an Air Force Base of the USA located in Japan, home to the 374th Airlift Wing, the only airlift wing in the Far East, according to the base's officials. Yokota gets its name from the region in which it has been built, a region very poor in terms of local attractions, but very rich in other respects, such as the training missions in which troops at the base are involved in. Not only that, but the base has been important throughout history, as it has been constructed not long before World War II started and it has been functioning as a Japanese military base, until it was given to the USA after the peace treaty was signed. The base trains troops proficiently.

Colonel John F. Newell III is the base’s Commander and leader of the 374th Airlift Wing also. The base's primary mission, as stated by the Commander is to provide “peace and stability by projecting air power into one of the most important regions in the world”. The base shares the logo of the Pacific Air Forces, promoting the ideals of flight, global thinking and US protection.

Yokota has decided not to reveal much information about the active missions as they are national interests, but, however, they have decided that it is good if they receive press on different occasions, such as the recent winning of PACAF awards by the 374th Airlift Wing, 14th of November 2007. Neither the number of troops, nor the area of the base is known to the general public.